Specialists in resource management

For most types of property development, you’ll need assistance navigating through the resource management and planning processes. We’re here to deal with council on your behalf, enlisting the relevant experts as needed to get your project across the line.

Our Planning and Resource Management Services

Strategic Development Advice

If you’re contemplating a purchase or land development we provide strategic advice to help guide you in your deliberations, giving you an early indication of what we think is possible for your site. We may suggest alternatives you haven’t even thought of.

Resource Consent Applications

Our strategic planning, technical expertise and facilitation skills are used every day on behalf of our clients as we navigate them through the resource consent process with councils. Early involvement with a project is critical in order to ensure your best possible chance of success. In this way we can most effectively facilitate resource consents through the council process on your behalf, managing the various requirements and shaping the consultative effort into a positive outcome.

The types of resource consent we have assisted with are many and varied, including:

Residential developments/buildings, both urban and rural

Hotels, small or large

Commercial buildings and developments

Rural activities

Industrial developments

Adventure tourism activities

Aviation activities

Visitor accommodation



Regional council consents

Subdivision Applications

At JEA we regularly assist in spatial planning and subdivision layout of both urban and rural developments. These projects can range from small two lot subdivisions to larger developments of 2,000 or more lots.

    Policy Work

    Over the years our team members have been called on to provide their specialist expertise in a wide variety of planning policy areas. Our work here involves a number of key areas including, but not limited to, preparing private plan changes, providing expert evidence on plan changes, preparing submissions on District Plan review and giving expert evidence at District Plan hearings and in the Environment Court.

    We can also assist clients with representation at any court-ordered processes, such as mediation, and can review and provide advice on any proposed district plans and any change provisions.

    Property Reports

    Ensuring you have undertaken the relevant planning research on a property’s background can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. For vendors selling, or purchasers interested in buying a property, it can be difficult understanding what rules and zoning are applicable. Just when you think you have, District Plans are updated. We can research the zoning provisions, legal restrictions, potential development options and opportunities. We then distill this information into one document for the vendor or purchaser to enable informed decision making.